Chemical Analysis

IMPLABS performs chemical analysis for the purpose of material identification, material classification and quality control monitoring.

Chemical analysis is used to determine the content of the elements in the material. A change in the ratio of the elements is what determines the hardness, strength, ductility and other physical properties of that specific alloy.


Our chemical testing department is well equipped to perform spectrometric analysis on both ferrous and non-ferrous (aluminium, copper and nickel alloys), including the determination of Nitrogen content.

We are equipped with a state-of-the-art, very well maintained, Bruker Magellan Q8 Spectrometer, which allows us to evaluate the materials with an extremely high level of accuracy and confidence.

We are also able to perform tests such as:

  • Carbon and Sulphur determination
  • Oxygen and Nitrogen determination in steel 
  • Wet Chemical Analysis (outsourced)
  • Salt Spray (currently outsourced)

Our chemical testing uses internal procedures, which are based on the international standards ASTM E415 and ASTM A751.

IMPLABS prides itself with the number of calibration and set-up standards at our disposal, ensuring accurate and repeatable results.