Chemical Analysis

IMPLABS performs chemical analysis for the purpose of material identification, material classification and quality control monitoring.

Chemical analysis is used to determine the content of the elements in the material. A change in the ratio of the elements is what determines the hardness, strength, ductility and other physical properties of that specific alloy.

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The process of revealing the microstructure of metals and their alloys.

By means of correct sample preparation, polishing and etching techniques, the structures are assessed using a Zeiss module optical microscope with the latest software. This aids to interpret grain size, cleanliness and more to ASTM, EN and ISO specification requirements.

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Mechanical Testing

The process of testing materials at a specified temperature, to determine its suitability for its intended application.

The tests are carried out by measuring properties such as tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, hardness and impact resistance. Mechanical testing also includes the bend testing of welds.

The Innovatest Falcon 503 Vickers hardness tester uses the latest available software which meets ASTM, EN and ISO specification requirements

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